Silver Square Cake Boards

Silver Square Cake Boards

Silver Square Cake Boards

Silver square cake board, choose your size The silver cake boards are cardboard plates suitable for serving your cakes. These cakes boards have the distinction of being single-use, so they are suitable for transporting cakes without worrying about bringing the tray back home. The silver square cake board is available in different sizes, choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Height : 10 inches 12 inches 13.75 inches 15.75 inches 17.75 inches 19.75 inches 8 inches
Base : 10 inches 12 inches 14 inches 16 inches 18 inches 20 inches 8 inches

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10 inches

Height : 10 inches,

Base : 10 inches

Stock :

Price : 2,19 €

10 inches 10 inches

2,19 €
(by unità)

12 inches

Height : 12 inches,

Base : 12 inches

Stock :

Price : 2,60 €

12 inches 12 inches

2,60 €
(by unità)

13.75 inches

Height : 13.75 inches,

Base : 14 inches

Stock :

Price : 3,11 €

13.75 inches 14 inches

3,11 €
(by unità)

15.75 inches

Height : 15.75 inches,

Base : 16 inches

Stock :

Price : 3,45 €

15.75 inches 16 inches

3,45 €
(by unità)

17.75 inches

Height : 17.75 inches,

Base : 18 inches

Stock :

Price : 5,74 €

17.75 inches 18 inches

5,74 €
(by unità)

19.75 inches

Height : 19.75 inches,

Base : 20 inches

Stock :

Price : 7,17 €

19.75 inches 20 inches

7,17 €
(by unità)

8 inches

Height : 8 inches,

Base : 8 inches

Stock :

Price : 2,07 €

8 inches 8 inches

2,07 €
(by unità)

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The silver square cake board is a cardboard tray suitable for serving a cake or sweets. They are the typical disposable pastry trays, very useful when carrying a homemade cake.

Silver square cake board

Silver square cake board

The silver square cake board is a cardboard plate that serves as a tray. It is extremely useful when decorating a cake or presenting it at the table, on the occasion of a party. The material of which these are made cake boards is a very resistant cardboard, although they are disposable. In fact, once used, this tray can not be recycled to prevent water from wetting the cardboard lose its consistency. The practicality of using a silver square cake board consists in its unique use. In this way you avoid the risk that your precious silver tray is lost in the bustle of a party, or that, worse, end up breaking due to an accidental fall. In fact, these trays are widely used to transport your cake to the party venue in an extremely easy way. The silver square cake board also serves as a shelf to decorate a cake. In fact you can mount the different layers of cake directly on the cardboard tray and facilitate transport from the worktop to the table. These trays can also be mounted on polystyrene structures to create raised shelves on which to place multiple cakes, creating a spectacular and wonderful effect for all your guests by presenting your creativity.

Square silver tray in cardboard

In the art of pastry making and cake making, the square silver tray in cardboard can be used in many ways. The square silver tray in cardboard is a dish suitable for square cakes but not only. They are useful in all circumstances, even to serve treats or pastries to your guests. The confectioners prefer this type of tray because it is very light and easy to handle. Also they can hold your cake with stability without the risk of overturning it. For this reason, with these square silver trays in cardboard you can build a solid pyramid of cream puffs or create a flat cake covered with sugar paste The square silver tray in cardboard is a cake very used also in the art of cake design and pastry shops. In fact, they are preferable due to the fact that they are disposable. The square silver tray in cardboard is also often used to set up shop windows with the so-called fake cakes, that is to say bases in polystyrene coated with sugar paste, simply used for display purposes. Having a square silver tray in cardboard will allow you to always make a great impression with your guests!

Square silver tray in cardboard
Square pastry tray in variety of sizes

Square pastry tray in variety of sizes

The square pastry tray in variety of sizes is what you need to present your cake to your guests. With the square pastry tray in variety of sizes you will not have to worry about resizing the size of your cake depending on the size of the cake you have. The square pastry tray in silver coloured cardboard is available with a width of: 10x10 inches, 12x12 inches, 14x14 inches, 16x16 inches, 18x18 inches and 20x20 inches.

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