Polystyrene Pyramid

Polystyrene Pyramid

Polystyrene Pyramid

Polystyrene Pyramid, choose your size. The Pyramid in polystyrene is the perfect decoration for all decoupage lovers and do-it-yourself decorations. It is also widely used by cake design enthusiasts to create fantastic monumental cakes. Our company offers a large choice of polystyrene Pyramid measures. Below you can select the measure that best meets your needs.

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Height : 4 inches 6 inches 8 inches 10 inches 12 inches 13.75 inches 15.75 inches 17.75 inches 19.75 inches
Base : 4x4 inches 6x6 inches 8x8 inches 10x10 inches 12x12 inches 14x14 inches 16x16 inches 18x18 inches 20x20 inches

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4 inches

Height : 4 inches,

Base : 4x4 inches

Stock :

Price : 2,67 €

4 inches 4x4 inches

2,67 €
(by unità)

6 inches

Height : 6 inches,

Base : 6x6 inches

Stock :

Price : 5,10 €

6 inches 6x6 inches

5,10 €
(by unità)

8 inches

Height : 8 inches,

Base : 8x8 inches

Stock :

Price : 7,65 €

8 inches 8x8 inches

7,65 €
(by unità)

10 inches

Height : 10 inches,

Base : 10x10 inches

Stock :

Price : 12,74 €

10 inches 10x10 inches

12,74 €
(by unità)

12 inches

Height : 12 inches,

Base : 12x12 inches

Stock :

Price : 15,30 €

12 inches 12x12 inches

15,30 €
(by unità)

13.75 inches

Height : 13.75 inches,

Base : 14x14 inches

Stock :

Price : 24,19 €

13.75 inches 14x14 inches

24,19 €
(by unità)

15.75 inches

Height : 15.75 inches,

Base : 16x16 inches

Stock :

Price : 34,36 €

15.75 inches 16x16 inches

34,36 €
(by unità)

17.75 inches

Height : 17.75 inches,

Base : 18x18 inches

Stock :

Price : 47,11 €

17.75 inches 18x18 inches

47,11 €
(by unità)

19.75 inches

Height : 19.75 inches,

Base : 20x20 inches

Stock :

Price : 57,31 €

19.75 inches 20x20 inches

57,31 €
(by unità)

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More info

The Pyramid in polystyrene is a shape to decorate both in the cake design, i.e. the American art of decorating monumental cakes, and in the decoupage, to make a DIY object to be displayed in the window or to give to friends and relatives.

Polystyrene pyramid for cake design

Polystyrene Pyramid for cake design

The polystyrene Pyramid for cake design is one of the most requested decorations. In fact, this decoration, which recalls the features of a pyramid, is the favourite decoration of all those who want celebrate a party with an original cake decoration. The polystyrene Pyramid for cake design is perfect for decorating theme cakes. In recent times, pastry chefs like to dabble in the traditional American art of cake design. The polystyrene Pyramid for cake design can be covered with sugar paste or fondant paste and can be placed on cakes. This polystyrene Pyramid for cake design is impermeable to water, therefore it is bacteria-free and absolutely hygienic, guaranteed for food use. So the polystyrene Pyramid for cake design can be laid on a flat cake as an original decoration for a party. The decoration of the Pyramid in polystyrene for cake design can also be an ornament for dummy cakes, that are fake cakes. These cakes, used as display cases for cake design shops and pastry shops, are polystyrene risers covered and decorated in a creative way thanks to the use of polystyrene shapes, such as the pyramid.

Pyramid in polystyrene to decorate

The polystyrene Pyramid to decorate can be used in different ways. As we have already seen it can be a cake decoration, but also has other uses. The Pyramid in polystyrene to decorate can be used as a gift customized for all occasions. It often happens that for parties you have the desire to make something with your own hands. To dabble in DIY as well as being stimulating, even very productive. A polystyrene Pyramid to decorate is perfect as a gift for friends and relatives. A simple thought, but made with the heart that will be greatly appreciated. The polystyrene of which the Pyramid to decorate is made is a guarantee of performance and durability, as it is an extremely resistant, lightweight and economical material. Moreover, thanks to its characteristic of being malleable it can be decorated in the most varied ways. In fact, it is possible to cover the entire surface of the Pyramid in polystyrene with glitter or rhinestones, or wrap it in paper for decoupage, with the help of vinyl glue or hot glue. A thousand ways and a lots of tutorials can inspire you and help you make a masterpiece of DIY. Give inspiration to your imagination with the polystyrene Pyramid!

Polystyrene pyramid to decorate
Pyramid in polystyrene in variety of sizes

Polystyrene Pyramid in variety of sizes

The polystyrene Pyramid in variety of sizes is of excellent quality. Our company with years of experience in processing and manufacturing of polystyrene can boast the high quality of its products. Our catalogue of polystyrene Pyramid in variety of sizes offers different sizes to better adapt them to your needs. You can choose heights of 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 13.75 inches, 15.75 inches, 17.75 inches and 19.75 inches and widths of 4x4 inches, 6x6 inches, 8x8 inches, 10x10 inches, 12x12 inches, 14x14 inches, 16x16 inches, 18x18 inches and 20x20 inches.

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